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Corporate Events and Subscriptions

A floral centerpiece on the reception desk and in the customer waiting area offers a touch of luxury to any environment. Fresh flowers and plants can provide both warmth and sophistication to your office and will be enjoyed by customers and employees alike. Investing in corporate flowers for your office space will boost your visual branding, improve company culture, and impress visitors.

Janda Florist will select for your corporation the best floral arrangements based upon your interior design. Artfully placed florals brighten the room and heighten the décor, and varying the style of arrangement can give your room a new look every week. Attentive interior design enhances your company’s sense of professionalism and improves your representation to potential clients.

The benefits of flowers in the workplace can apply to any business, from a doctor’s office to a law firm, a hair salon to a health club. In the hospitality industry, which relies heavily on customers’ perception of the appearance of the space, this is essential. Fresh flowers for hotels and restaurants add a luxurious ambiance that will have your customers returning again and again.

Corporate events are an area where Janda Florist excels. Whether you need elegant centerpieces for an office holiday party or something sophisticated for an awards dinner, or even vases of sunflowers for a company picnic, Janda can deliver. Let us add the finishing touch for all your events!