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Flower Subscriptions

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Floral subscription services offer convenient, regular delivery of fresh, beautiful flowers to your door. Make a statement by adding floral and botanical designs catered to your space. With customizable delivery plans tailored to your schedule, flower subscriptions are an ideal resource for the modern consumer.

Consider beautifying your workplace, home or sending a gift of fresh flowers every week or month. Celebrate relationship milestones and accentuate your office space with custom floral designs. Flower subscriptions provide consistent flower delivery on your terms and specified frequency. Available with monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly delivery, this service ensures that your home or business always has the pleasant ambiance provided by flowers. Floral subscriptions also make wonderful gifts, so that you can extend the celebration well beyond the original date.

Janda Florist is your one-stop shop for exquisite flower collections in a range of prices. Our floral subscription services are defined by flower collection type, bouquet size, and delivery frequency preference.

Flower Collections

Janda Florist has a wide range of flower collections to choose from for your unique subscription experience. Our floral designers will create a distinct assortment to match your specific budget and taste. The following are a few examples of flower collection types that could be created for customers.


Our expert team offers a variety of seasonal flower arrangements. A choice of seasonal flowers allows our designer to take advantage of the best of the season. Spring flowers are beautiful, soft pastels, while summer shades are bright and vibrant. In autumn, we have the warm shades of red, orange, and yellow that mimic the changing leaves on the trees. In winter, there are the traditional reds, whites and evergreens that give your home an enchanting ambiance during the holiday season. Seasonal subscriptions are most commonly used for businesses such as hotels and restaurants. However, many customers choose to regularly add the beauty of fresh flowers to their home with a floral subscription.


Special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, are a cause for celebration with a carefully selected bouquet of flowers. The recipients will be delighted to receive your beautiful gift, personally delivered to their front door. We offer packages that are tailored towards specific milestones and personalize the assortment to acknowledge these events.

Flower Type and Color

Personalize your floral subscription package with specific flower types and colors. From cheerful sunflowers to classic roses, there are flowers in all the colors of the rainbow. The Janda Florist team will design your collection to incorporate just what you desire.

Bouquet Size

Subscription pricing is based upon flower collection type, bouquet size, and frequency. Several bouquets are only offered in one size, but many Janda Florist bouquets have three sizing options: Petite, Traditional, and Deluxe. Choose the bouquet size that best suits your home’s decor or fits the needs of the recipient.

Delivery Options

While some customers prefer to pick up their orders at our shop, subscription service offers customized floral delivery. Janda Florist will work with you to arrange a plan that best fits your busy schedule. Choose from yearly, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, two-month, or customized plans to accent your home, an office, or as a welcome gift for anyone.